Perfect Timing

Acts 7:30
And when forty years were expired, there appeared to him in the wilderness of mount Sina an angel of the Lord in a flame of fire in a bush.

Moses had thought his time to lead the people had come, but he ended up fleeing to the wilderness for 40 years until God finally calls him to the task.  And it may seem like so many wasted years, but God’s timing is perfect.  During those years, God was working in Moses and preparing him for what was ahead before He called out to him and led him to the place where he would fulfill his ultimate purpose.

Sometimes we have to wait, and that can be hard to do.  Sometimes we have to endure something that seems like less than our true calling or what we think we should be doing.  We may have to wait a long time before God calls out to us and leads us down some other path away from that place of waiting.  But that time is certainly not wasted, because God doesn’t waste anything.  It could be that He is preparing us for what comes next in ways we don’t even realize.

Are we willing to wait upon God?  Are we willing to be faithful where we are right now until God shows us what to do next?  Sometimes we get so impatient.  Sometimes we try to force things along or forge ahead on our own.  We may question God when it feels like we’re stuck somewhere we don’t want to be.  But it is worth it to be patient.  It is worth it to trust God and allow Him to dictate the timetable of our lives.

Our timing is not always aligned with God’s, and sometimes we’ll find ourselves waiting in that wilderness.  Sometimes we have to wait longer than we want to.  But let’s not give up on God.  Let’s not stop serving Him and seeking Him.  Let’s be faithful to our Lord where we are, and let’s be ready to respond if He should call us out to something new.  It may be that when the pieces finally fall into place, we’ll be able to look back and understand God’s greater purpose in making us wait.

Your thoughts?

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