Luke 2:52
And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.

Even Jesus had to grow.  He was not immediately all that He would be when He came to Earth.  He became flesh and dwelt among us, but He came as a baby, not the grown man who would bear His cross to Calvary.  So He had to grow and learn and gain some things.  He had to go through that daily, step-by-step process of becoming that we all have to go through.

Growth is a fact of life and a factor in our lives.  We start out small, both physically and spiritually.  But then we grow.  Upon our salvation, we are born into God’s family, babes in Christ, not yet fully what we should be but with the potential to grow and learn and become what God wants us to be.  So we take one step at a time.  We experience things.  We deepen our knowledge and wisdom of God and our relationship with Him.  We go through the process of seeking God and following His way as we mature in Him.

When Jesus was born, the shepherds went to see Him and worship the Savior.  At the temple, Simeon praised God that he had witnessed the salvation of Israel.  The wise men came to worship the King of the Jews while He was still just a child.  Before He could walk or speak or do a miracle, Jesus was everything God intended Him to be.  His story had yet to unfold, but in many ways it was already written.  God had it planned and prepared, and all that was left was the doing.

God has a story for us, too, written by His hand and mapped out just so.  At times we may feel weak and small and inadequate to walk this life of faith.  We may feel that we’re not prepared or capable to do what God wants us to do.  But that’s okay, because there is always room to grow.  There is always the opportunity to learn, to move forward, and to become something more than we are right now.  God is with us in that process as we grow into the full stature of what He already knows we will be.

Your thoughts?

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