Faith and Fear

Hebrews 11:27
By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king: for he endured, as seeing him who is invisible.

Moses didn’t have to fear the wrath of Pharaoh.  He wasn’t afraid of what he could see, but he trusted the one he couldn’t see, because he knew God to be just as real as the king in front of him.  He had faith in one mightier than Pharaoh.  He had an understanding of who God is and what He was going to do for the people of Israel.  He was truly willing to live by faith and not by sight.

Faith casts out our fear and puts the situation in perspective.  Moses knew it was better to fear God than man, to be more afraid of God’s wrath than Pharaoh’s, to understand whose side he wanted to be on when it came time for a showdown.  The only time God tells us to fear is when He tells us to fear Him.  Pharaoh could have taken Moses’ life, but God has the power to cast a soul away.  And when we’re living with a proper fear of God, we won’t have to be afraid of anyone else.

It is that confidence in God that helps us to endure, to keep moving forward, to step out into the unknown, to choose the narrow way and the harder path.  It is that focus on a God we cannot even see that helps us to forsake the world that can so capture our attention.  It is faith that can look beyond the visible and see a certain future because God is at work.  Because even if we can’t see God face-to-face, we can see Him in the things that He does, those things that prove He is with us and among us.

May we truly live by faith and not by sight and allow that faith to conquer our fear.  Pharaoh had his kingdom and his armies and his chariots, but that was no match for God.  The fearful things we may face in our lives may seem so big and overwhelming, like they could never be overcome, but God exists, and He is working, and we can trust Him to do more than we can imagine.  So may we live with a certainty that our unseen God is near and able to cast out all our fears.

Your thoughts?

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