Expect the Unexpected

Mark 6:51-52
And he went up unto them into the ship; and the wind ceased: and they were sore amazed in themselves beyond measure, and wondered.  For they considered not the miracle of the loaves: for their heart was hardened.

In other words, it was a total “Whoa” moment.  The disciples were so often just left in total amazement of all that Jesus was doing, things that no one had ever done before and things they certainly had never seen.  But why were they so surprised?  Somehow they had forgotten what they had just witnessed instead of expecting something amazing.

How quickly we can forget.  Sometimes we move from one thing to the next without sufficiently learning the lessons the Lord is trying to teach us.  But we don’t have to lose that sense of wonder, because Jesus is still doing amazing things in our hearts and lives and the world around us.  He is still showing up right when we need Him.  He’s still helping us in our toils and struggles to get somewhere we never could without Him.  He’s still calming the seas in our storms and joining us on the journey.

So may we not forget what Jesus has already shown to us, those things we’ve seen and experienced up close and personal.  We can’t forget the amazing work He is doing all around us.  We can’t put Him in a box and limit Him.  We can’t forget that He is God and can do unexpected things that have never been done before.  We can’t let those miracles slip so easily from our minds as soon as the next struggle comes.  We don’t have to be surprised even as we are just left in awe.

The disciples were caught in quite a struggle, fighting a storm on the sea.  But with Jesus in the boat, the wind stops.  He takes away what was preventing them from moving forward.  He removes the obstacles and what was so hard for them to deal with.  He is able to help them get where they were trying to go.  He completely changes their situation just by His mere presence.  So maybe the most amazing thing about Jesus is not that He calms storms or feeds multitudes with a few loaves and fish.  Maybe the most amazing thing is that He comes to be a part of our lives, to be near to us, to meet us where we are and take us somewhere new.

Your thoughts?

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