Believing Jesus

Mark 2:6-7
But there were certain of the scribes sitting there, and reasoning in their hearts, Why doth this man thus speak blasphemies? who can forgive sins but God only?

Here were these scribes surrounded by a crowd eager to hear from Jesus and to see what He might do.  Here they were in the presence of God.  Here they were witnesses to these amazing events, and they sit there full of doubt, reasoning it all out and denying the truth, condemning Jesus, denying who He truly was even though the evidence is right in front of them.  It seems there are some in every crowd who can sit in the midst while God is doing amazing things all around them and yet remain totally untouched by it.

Those scribes were trying to figure out exactly what was going on here, who this man was, trying to verify these claims He was making.  But Jesus was different in so many ways from the other rabbis of the day.  He had a different message, a different spirit, a different way, a different authority, and different works that He did.  And some recognized that this was something special and obviously from God, and they greatly rejoiced in it.  And almost unfathomably, others who saw and heard the same things only came out of those experiences with scoffing and doubting.

Jesus was unlike anyone who ever walked this Earth, so are we paying attention to the things He is trying to show us, what He is trying to teach us?  Are we willing to let go of our inability to understand everything and simply take it by faith?  The amazing truth was that one was present among them who had the ability to forgive sins.  God Himself stood in their midst and offered His pardon.  Jesus could set people free from that powerful bondage just as much as He could make a lame man walk.

How are we responding to those amazing things Jesus has said and done?  Are we willing to believe Him and accept Him as God?  As Savior?  As Lord of our lives?  Are we willing to follow Him as our humble Master and learn of His ways?  It starts in our hearts and our attitudes.  May it not be doubt that festers within.  May it not be a spirit of hostility or rebellion.  May it be a heart of grateful love that trusts and accepts Jesus for who He truly is.

Your thoughts?

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