God’s Choice

Psalm 47:4
He shall choose our inheritance for us, the excellency of Jacob whom he loved. Selah.

Israel didn’t choose to leave Egypt and wander toward the promised land, and they couldn’t have left if they wanted to.  But God led them out.  He enabled them to get there.  He broke their yoke of bondage and guided their path to that place He had prepared for them.  In doing so, He determined much about their present lives, but also their future and the kind of life they would be able to live if they accepted what He had for them.

God chose the promised land for His people, the best land there was, an ideal location, a fruitful place with all the resources they needed.  They thought they were content to dwell outside of that, because it was all they had known.  They were reluctant at times to keep moving forward to the unknown.  But then they saw it and experienced it, and it was better than they could have imagined to finally be dwelling there in that land.

God has the best for us.  He has good things chosen for the ones He loves.  Sometimes we’re reluctant to let go of what we’ve always known.  Sometimes change is scary, even when it’s a good thing.  Sometimes our old Egypt doesn’t seem so bad or a portion across the river just shy of that ultimate destination.  But when we finally get to the place God wants us to be, we see that He had the best for us all along.  What He will give to us is better than what we could have chosen for ourselves.

May we trust God to choose our inheritance—to lay out our course and our destination.  Because ultimately, when we are God’s children, we receive a son’s portion alongside our Lord and Savior.  We experience all the goodness of God poured out into our lives.  It’s not about getting everything we want during our time here.  It’s not about every desire fulfilled to our own specifications.  It’s about trusting the sovereignty and the goodness of God to lead us to the right place, and it’s about trusting His wisdom for what is truly best for us so His will can be done.

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