Being an Offering

Exodus 35:10
And every wisehearted among you shall come, and make all that the LORD hath commanded;

The tabernacle that was going to be built was a huge undertaking.  Moses had received the pattern from God Himself.  The materials required were many.  The spoil of Egypt accumulated by the people of Israel would be given to this task as willing offerings to the work of God.  And included with that list of offerings are the workers themselves.  People willing to serve are a necessary part of the work of God.  There were some to whom God had given special wisdom and talent and abilities, and they would be used like the rest of the materials, given for the service of the Lord.

The vision had been given of what the tabernacle should be, but they still had to make it happen.  Someone had to actually construct and build and sew and combine it all together to get the finished product.  And in an amazing way, we get to be part of the work that God is doing in our world.  He builds the church, but He uses willing souls to accomplish many things.  He allows us not only to give of our wealth and material possessions, but our time and effort, our talents and wisdom to make a vision come alive.

So have we found our place of service?  Not everyone is called to the same thing.  God implants within each of us specific knowledge and understanding, specific talents, specific gifts that we can use for Him.  He molds us and shapes us uniquely for some task or job that we can do for Him.  He enables us to do things that maybe others can’t do.  But then once we know what we can do, are we willing to do it?  Will we allow God to use us for His purposes, to accomplish His plans, and to magnify Him in all that we do?

So let us step forward and take our place.  Let’s make the pattern a reality.  Let’s build something here that glorifies God.  Let’s have a part in what He’s doing in our world, because He is actively working just as much today as He was when Israel built a tabernacle in the wilderness.  Let’s surrender to God as a living sacrifice, willing to give not just our stuff, but who we are, to His purposes.

Your thoughts?

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