Seeking God’s Glory

Exodus 33:18
And he said, I beseech thee, shew me thy glory.

Moses had seen amazing things done by the hand of God.  He had been used greatly by God to bring Israel out of Egypt, leading them across the Red Sea.  He’d received the commandments and the instructions for the tabernacle.  He’d experienced God up close and personal.  He had talked intimately with Him.  He had been getting to know Him all along the way.  And that has only awakened within him a desire for even more of God—to know Him in yet another, deeper way, to experience something more beyond what he had so far.  This was a plea from Moses to know God better, and God would grant him that request.

We should experience an ever-deepening relationship with God.  As we learn more about Him, as we walk along with Him, and as we see Him work among us and through us, it should implant within us a desire for more of Him, to know Him in a different way than we had before.  As we’ve journeyed so near to God’s presence, have we come to a place where we just long to see His glory for ourselves?

When this desire arose in the heart of Moses, all he did was ask.  When he’d gotten to a place where he realized he just couldn’t go on without God, when he understood what God really meant to him, he just asks for more.  He pleads for more.  And maybe that’s all we have to do, too.  God has revealed Himself as a God who wants to be known and who wants to have a relationship with us.  And so certainly He is pleased when we desire to know Him and to know Him more.  Surely that is a request He will grant to us, as well.

At this state in his journey, Moses had dealt with a lot.  He had faced many hardships in his life and in his role leading Israel out of Egypt.  He’d experienced frustration and heartache.  He’d been overwhelmed at times by the magnitude of it all.  And so what he really needed right now was a new perspective—not of himself, but of God.  Maybe he just needed a reminder of the magnitude of God, His glory and greatness.  And wherever we may be in our journey, if we just need a reminder of all that God is, may we simply bow before Him and ask Him to show us His glory.

One thought on “Seeking God’s Glory

  1. Yes, we should be looking at God’s Word, which reveals God’s character and will for us, not looking within ourselves as those who teach spiritual formation and contemplative meditation mistakenly believe! We should commune with God, not ourselves. The Bible teaches death to self!


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