A Covenant

Exodus 24:7
And he took the book of the covenant, and read in the audience of the people: and they said, All that the LORD hath said will we do, and be obedient.

The people of Israel are entering into a very serious covenant.  The offerings were made, and the blood was shed, and the Word was given.  And the people said yes to that.  They said yes to God as their one and only God.  They agreed to be joined to Him alone and serve no other.  They promised to follow Him and obey Him and to live the way that He commanded them to live.  They agreed to abide by the conditions God had laid out, to receive His promises, and to be joined together in this covenant relationship.

We can enter into a relationship with God in a similar way.  His Word has been given.  The sacrifice of His Son has been made and the blood shed.  And the offer is made for us to enter into that relationship, but we must choose to do so.  We must willingly say yes to God in the same way the nation of Israel did.  We have to choose Him as our one and only, choose to obey and serve Him, and seek to live the way He wants us to live.  He has laid it all out very clearly for us, and then we can agree to it or not.

But just because it is as simple as receiving God’s free gift does not mean we should take it lightly.  This relationship takes commitment and dedication.  It requires letting go of self.  It’s going to challenge us as we live in a sinful world full of temptation and evil, as the flesh within fights against the Spirit, and as the path ahead gets rough.  It’s going to mean, at times, forsaking our own desires and surrendering our will to God.  It may mean persecution or ridicule from those who don’t understand it.  And our disobedience may bring God’s chastening hand upon us.

God takes His part in the covenant very seriously.  He is not going to go back on any of the promises that He’s made.  He’s not going to undo anything.  He’s not going to change His mind.  So are we in it for the long haul?  Are we willing to make this lifelong commitment and surrender our lives to Jesus Christ?  It is challenging, to be sure, but it is a life filled with blessings and goodness and fruitfulness far beyond anything this world could offer to us.  There is nothing else that will be so worth giving our lives to.  So may we be willing to just say yes to God and all that that entails.

2 thoughts on “A Covenant

  1. I’m sorry but as an atheist I don’t pray. It’s simply not something I do as I believe it does not help and is a waste of time. I will donate money to charity to help people, though, so don’t get me wrong.


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