A God Who Supplies

Exodus 17:1
And all the congregation of the children of Israel journeyed from the wilderness of Sin, after their journeys, according to the commandment of the LORD, and pitched in Rephidim: and there was no water for the people to drink.

The Lord was leading Israel from place to place as they traveled along.  They went when He said to go and stopped where He told them to stop.  And so they ended up in this place with no water because God had led them there.  He knew that He would provide for them, but they were still learning how to trust Him for all things.  And these sort of testing points along the way served to help them learn and grow and understand better who God is and what He can do.  If they continued to look to Him, they would see that He would always provide every need.

As we travel along our path, we have to know that God is leading us.  He knows our needs and promises to supply them, but we have to keep following and trusting as we go step by step.  But sometimes that is hard.  We look at these waterless lands and we get scared.  We start to wonder where water will come from.  We try to think up some plan.  We may even want to just give up and go back where we came from.  And sometimes we may even start looking around for someone else to give us water, forgetting we are supposed to be relying on God to supply.

Because it is when we get to those kinds of places that we’ll see God can intercede in some miraculous way and that He will come through for us even when it seems like there is no way possible.  And those places become landmarks on our path that we can look back to and remember that God was faithful, and He is able, and He’ll never fail us or let us down.  And then the next time we get to a similar place, we’ll know we can trust God because we’ve seen already that He will come through.

Let us remember that God always knows exactly where we are and exactly what we need.  Let us remember His promise to supply our needs as we trust Him to do so.  Let us not think that He will lead us to some waterless place to die of thirst, but instead look to Him with expectation to do something amazing on our behalf.  These situations are perfect opportunities not only for us to grow, but for God to be greatly glorified.

Your thoughts?

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