Remembering God’s Work

Exodus 12:42
It is a night to be much observed unto the LORD for bringing them out of the land of Egypt: this is that night of the LORD to be observed of all the children of Israel in their generations.

That first Passover was a little bit different than the following ones would be.  This day would not be a memorial feast, but a quick escape out of Egypt.  But later, when the children of Israel were able to reflect and look back upon that day, surely the sense of wonder returned as they thought about all that God brought to pass to secure their freedom and deliver them from bondage.  As they enjoyed a feast and fellowship, surely a spirit of thankfulness arose within them as they remembered that fateful day.

Indeed, our deliverance is a momentous occasion, and we must never forget that it was by God’s hand alone that we were delivered.  So may we celebrate our own day of salvation, giving much praise and honor and worship to our great God who set us free.  Let us remember what God has done for us in rescuing us from the bondage of slavery, for cutting the chains of sin and giving us freedom in Christ.  May we remember just where we were and how God was able to make such a difference in our hearts and our lives simply by His presence in them.

It is a good thing to keep these experiences fresh in our minds so that we do not lose the wonder of it all.  It is something we can be thankful for on a daily basis as we remember where we’d be without Jesus.  And when we as Christians celebrate the Lord’s Supper, we can remember not only the sacrifice of Christ, but that we now have a personal relationship with Him.  We can think about the fact that Jesus’ blood was shed so we could be spared and have new life in Him.  And we can glorify God for the grace and mercy He has shown us.

Sometimes it’s easy to get to a place where we’re just pushing forward, moving to whatever comes next, going from day to day anticipating the future.  But there are times where it is good to stop for a moment and look back, to remember where we’ve come from and how God brought us so far from where we used to be.  It is good to think about the atoning work of Christ and what it means to us personally.  It is good to set aside some time to simply thank God for all the amazing things He has done.

Your thoughts?

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