Obeying God’s Word

Exodus 9:20-21
He that feared the word of the LORD among the servants of Pharaoh made his servants and his cattle flee into the houses:  And he that regarded not the word of the LORD left his servants and his cattle in the field.

All of the people in Egypt were aware of what was happening.  And the Word of God that came through Moses went out to all the people.  So they had all heard the Word of God, but the difference was in how they responded to it.  The difference in their behavior came from their attitude toward what God was saying to them.  Those who feared it acted differently than those who did not regard it.  Those who trusted it as God’s Word obeyed it and had a much different outcome than those who ignored it.  The people who listened to God and sheltered their cattle retained them, while those who failed to heed the warning lost all.

Our attitude toward the Word of God determines how we act because of it.  And those actions we take affect other things and then more things in a chain-reaction kind of way.  But it all starts with respect or a lack thereof for the Word of God and our willingness or unwillingness to obey.  When we truly believe it and believe that it comes from God Himself, we will do what God says to do, and blessings come when we do that, and we are spared the kinds of things that befall unbelievers.

The people in Egypt had been witnesses to all of these very unusual things happening around them.  They’d seen that everything Moses said happened exactly as he said it would.  They saw the power of God in their midst.  And some began to recognize that there was some truth to all of it.  They started to believe that whatever the Lord said came to pass, and then they started to do what He said.  It was a matter of trust and obedience, and it is the same for us.  As we recognize God working around us, as we begin to see the correlation between His words and the fulfillment of them, we start to believe in Him as God.  And when we believe in Him, we are willing to obey Him.

We are free to make this choice for ourselves.  Even as Christians, at times we can find ourselves acting like unbelievers.  We can fail to take God at His word and believe the things He has said.  But no matter our attitude, God is faithful.  So let us choose to believe Him, to accept His Word as absolute truth, as something we can always rely on, and as something on which we can build our lives.  And when we choose to believe and choose to obey, it makes a big difference in every aspect of our lives.

Your thoughts?

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