A Little Faith

Mark 9:23-24
Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.  And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.

Sometimes in life, we’re going to get to these kinds of desperate places.  This father is at the end of his rope, concerned for his son.  And when the disciples are unable to help, perhaps he starts to lose hope.  Perhaps the doubts arise that nothing can help him.  It seems so permanent a condition, so impossible a situation, something too strong to fight against.  How could he know if he would be disappointed again and have to take his son back home unchanged?

At those moments, it can be hard to have faith.  We have to dig up from the bottom the little bit we can muster and offer it to Jesus.  That small amount of faith this father managed was enough for Jesus to do this amazing thing for him—to set his child free forever from the torment of that evil spirit.  And from then on, his life would be different, because now his son was whole.  And certainly his faith couldn’t help but grow.

So may this be our plea, as well: “Lord, let my faith grow stronger, but use this little faith I have right now to do something big in my life.”  And the amazing thing is, God will answer that plea.  He will intercede in our current situation and allow our faith to grow.  He will help us to learn to trust Him more, to believe in His great power, to understand that He is more than enough for every single situation that we face.  And as we know that more fully in our own hearts and lives, we’ll be more willing to step out by faith, because it is a sure and tested faith in our faithful God.

This desperate father’s heartfelt cry reaches out to us all these years later.  Surely we can relate to him.  Surely we can understand that situation of feeling like our faith is too small but knowing we need Jesus to do something for us.  He didn’t want his unbelief to stop Jesus from helping his son.  He wanted his son to see that trusting Jesus would make a difference in his life.  And he wanted his faith to grow.  So when those desperate situations come into our own lives, may we see them as opportunities for our own faith to grow by seeing Jesus work.  And may we learn to simply trust Jesus more and more.

2 thoughts on “A Little Faith

  1. “Lord, let my faith grow stronger, but use this little faith I have right now to do something big in my life.” It occurred to me after reading this that the father doesn’t ask for a faith that would replace his small faith. He desires instead that God grow the faith he already has. He seems to recognize the value of even “a mustard-size faith” yet he also knows it takes divine intervention to make that mustard seed grow.

    Thoughtful devotion.


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