A Heart of Unbelief

Matthew 9:3-4
And, behold, certain of the scribes said within themselves, This man blasphemeth.  And Jesus knowing their thoughts said, Wherefore think ye evil in your hearts?

Nothing is hid from Jesus, and He immediately knows the doubt and unbelief of the scribes.  He performs a miracle to prove their doubts are unfounded, but do their hearts change at all?  Maybe Jesus is kind of saying to them, “Why aren’t you rejoicing?  Why aren’t you praising God?  Why can’t you see God’s hand at work right in front of you?”  But they stubbornly cling to their doubts and their criticism and their condemnation instead of opening their hearts to God among them.

And those closed hearts grow bitter and dark and allow those wrong and evil thoughts to fester and grow.  When no light is allowed in, no change can take place.  But their deformed thinking just keeps twisting and distorting and infecting their hearts and lives, their attitudes, their spirits.  That cold harshness that comes from them must contrast greatly with the life and joy and goodness that always emanated from Jesus Christ.

But what about us?  Are our hearts full of evil attitudes of unbelief?  Are we missing all the amazing things that God is doing right before our very eyes because we are living in that dark place of doubt?  Have we allowed this kind of wrong thinking to arise in our hearts and lives and produce a joyless, scoffing, sneering attitude toward the things of God?  These thoughts and attitudes are not hid from the Lord.  He knows whatever secret things dwell within our hearts that may be hindering our relationship with Him.

Sometimes it can seem so easy for these doubts to arise in our hearts.  How easy it can sometimes be to fall into unbelief.  But we can’t allow these things to fester inside of us.  We can’t allow them to build up to the point where we would deny or reject God and what He is doing.  But soft and tender hearts open to the Lord, open to His love and the working of His Spirit, will only be left in amazement of all that Jesus is doing.  So let us check our attitudes and ask Jesus to change our hearts to align with His truth and His Spirit.

Your thoughts?

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