Job 42:10
And the LORD turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before.

Satan had greatly afflicted Job.  He had destroyed many things in his life.  He had taken things from him.  And then Job’s friends come along and kind of add to his affliction with their words and lack of compassion for him.  Even Job’s wife seems to have given up on him.  It almost seemed like he had no hope.  But then God injects Himself into the story.  He hadn’t been the cause of all this affliction Job was experiencing, though He had allowed it, but He is very personally involved in the restoration, in the healing, in the deliverance.

No matter where our own affliction has come from—Satan, our own mistakes, someone else, this sinful world—God gets personally involved in our restoration.  When true healing begins to take place, it is God that enables it.  When we seek Him, He comes close and helps us to overcome whatever had seemed insurmountable and so hopeless before.  When it seems we have no one else we can count on, God injects Himself into our story and intervenes on our behalf.  He can restore what has been lost.  He can mend what has been broken.  He can heal whatever hurts us the most.

Certainly God was very personally involved when He sent Jesus to make right for us what we could have never overcome on our own.  The holy Son of God entered our evil world to make some things right again.  He came up close to us in our struggle with sin to give us deliverance and redemption.  He stepped in to the history of mankind and made a way for him to have peace with God.  He restores all the things that Satan had taken from us.  In fact, He gives us so much more than what we lost.  Jesus Christ is our double portion, the one who sets us free.  And if we accept Him, He’ll give to us a life much better than the one we had before.

Job’s story was ultimately a story of redemption, and that is our own story, as well.  So no matter where we’ve come from, what difficult things we’ve endured, what trouble we’ve experienced, God can become part of our story.  He will intercede for us.  He will make things right again.  He will help us and heal us and overflow our lives with His blessings.  It is the heart that seeks Him that finds Him, so let us look up and look to God when we’ve been brought low and allow Him to restore, rebuild and return whatever had been lost or destroyed.