Great Peace

Psalm 119:165
Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

Do we desire great peace in our lives?  Of course we strive to be free from trouble and turmoil.  And peace—not just peace, but great peace—comes from, grows from, multiplies from a love for God’s Word and His ways.  Because when we love His Word, we’ll follow it.  When we love it, that means it matters to us, and we care for those things that are that precious to us, and we defend them and we stand up for them and we fight for them if necessary.  When we love it, it becomes something we can stand on, something that will endure, something that will last, and something that we will keep close to us our entire lives.

When we love the law of God, nothing will offend us.  We’ll have peace with God because we will be in His will from obeying His commands and following the path that He wants us to.  We’ll be fulfilling His purpose for our lives and allowing ourselves to be used by Him.  We’ll be taking great steps of faith and growing more like our great example, because when we love God’s Word, we can’t help but love the author of it, and we’ll never want to disappoint Him or fail Him or turn away from Him.  And that great peace of being right where God wants us will settle into our hearts.

Loving God’s Word also gives us peace within ourselves because we’re trusting in what He has already established and not trying to do things through our own power or in our own wisdom.  When we love His Word and we’re spending time in it with Him and we’re learning from Him, we can find that great peace of having a solid foundation to build our lives upon, of His completed work, of His wisdom and His power.  We don’t have to strive and struggle and toil in every little fleshly battle if we are trusting the answers He’s given to us in His Word.

And loving God’s Word enables us to have peace with others.  It gives us peace with our brethren in Christ because we are ordering our lives by the same biblical principles.  And it gives us peace even with the lost world around us, even with our enemies and those who attack us, because we know that nothing can ever defeat the Word of God.  Nothing will ever overcome it or erase it or make it null and void.  And no one can ever take it away from us no matter how much they deny it themselves.  Do we really love God’s Word, His law?  And is it making a difference in our lives?  Have we found that great peace of knowing and loving the law of God?


Your thoughts?

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