Continual Hope

Psalm 71:14
But I will hope continually, and will yet praise thee more and more.

Do we hope continually?  More specifically, do we hope in God continually?  Is our trust still in Him when our world is crumbling around us?  When tragedy strikes, do we give up all hope and find it hard to go on?  These are the times we need God the most.  These are the times when only the hope in a holy, righteous, merciful and loving God can sustain us.  And the times when we are the most fragile and broken are often the times we grow closest to the Lord.

Has hope been a continual pattern in our lives, or have we abandoned God somewhere along the way?  It’s hard sometimes to be consistent.  It can be difficult to sustain something like hope through a lifetime of ups and downs.  Even with our best intentions, we may fail.  The beauty of hoping in our God is that He never changes.  He is always consistent and always the same.  He comes through for us every time.  He never fails us.  And each time we see Him simply do what He said He would, our hope grows and grows.

As our hope grows, as our trust deepens as we mature in our relationship with God, a natural result is that our praise to Him grows, as well.  How could it not when we’ve walked with Him through the lowest depths and the darkest nights and come out better on the other side?  When we see God work in amazing ways, when we notice Him working in ways we didn’t see before, we can’t help but praise Him more and more.

Many things in life will let us down.  We won’t get that job we’d been hoping for.  We’ll be rejected or hurt by someone close to us.  We’ll fail at something important to us.  We’ll let ourselves down.  An opportunity will pass us by.  But we can retain our hope in God no matter what else fails us.  And if we give these things over to Him, He can turn them around into blessings: We’ll get a better job; our relationship will be renewed stronger; we’ll get a second chance; we’ll get up and move forward; more opportunities will come.

Let’s hope continually in our Lord.  No matter what comes along, God is a continual heartbeat in our lives—steady, consistent, faithful, constant.  We can hope in Him.  We should hope in Him.  And as our hope remains steadfast and our praise escalates, we grow closer to Him and find new chances to serve Him and new ways to honor Him.


Your thoughts?

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