Our Unbelief

Mark 9:24
And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.

Some things we grasp so easily.  Some things we can believe with all our hearts.  And then sometimes there are those places where we struggle to believe, areas where we trust too much in others or ourselves and not enough in God.  Often we so easily let God take care of the big things and try to handle the little things for ourselves.  But if we believe God for salvation, why don’t we entrust every little thing in our lives to Him?

We can use what belief we do have to help grow our faith more and more.  In a sense, it is easy to trust God for salvation because deep down we know there is nothing we can do for ourselves to solve the problem of sin.  As a result, we have to trust God for that.  The father of the boy possessed with the demon was helpless against that evil force, and so he had to trust the power of God to cast it out.  When we face big tragedies or trials, it is easier to trust God in those moments when everything seems so beyond our own power.  So we must be careful not to trust ourselves too much when it seems like we can handle something on our own.

So how can we cultivate a life of greater faith, trust, and belief?  First of all, we can pray.  This man asked Jesus to help his unbelief, and we can ask Him for the same.  It’s a simple prayer that acknowledges to God something that we need help with.  We can share with God our struggle to trust Him in some area and ask Him to help us do so.  Often the next step will be surrender.  We must give over to God the power and control we are trying to retain in the situation.  We must let go of our own wisdom and our meager ability and submit to the sovereignty of God.

Learning to trust people is a process, and it works the same way in our relationship with God.  As we learn more about Him and get to know Him in a personal way, a deepening sense of trust will develop.  His Word reveals His faithfulness in so many ways.  And when we open our eyes to His working all around us, the reality of that will become more obvious to us.

Another important part of faith is obedience.  When we submit to God and obey even when we don’t understand something and can’t see where it will lead, our faith will grow.  Each step of dependence and faithfulness to God will help us trust Him more and more.  And as we walk closely with Jesus, He will cast out our unbelief.


Your thoughts?

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