Choosing to Stay

John 6:67
Then said Jesus unto the twelve, Will ye also go away?

Some lessons are difficult to learn, and some truths may seem harsh to us.  Certainly in our society today, people are to be coddled, everyone made a winner so no feelings are hurt.  Everyone is to be accepted for whatever poor decisions they made, and deficiencies are attributed to a number of other factors before blame will be placed with the individual.  But that is not God’s way, and that is not the way we should conduct our lives.

One aspect of the law that God gave to the people of Israel was that it was very detailed and specific.  Everything was spelled out very distinctly and exactly.  Jesus’ teachings during His ministry were the same way.  He taught in such a way that His meaning was made clear.  There was no confusion.  There is a distinct right and wrong.  There is personal responsibility.  There is a recognition that we make our own choices, our own mistakes, and have our own failures.

As His followers, we as Christians should be willing to follow all of Jesus’ ways.  The law was to be kept in its entirety, and Christ’s commandments are to be followed with the same gravity.  If we are committed to Him, will we allow any part of Jesus’ doctrine, ministry or truth to drive us from Him?  If He convicts us of something, will we choose sin over Jesus?  Will a hard lesson cause us to leave Jesus behind?

Sometimes in our lives we will face things that challenge our faith, our dedication to God, and our commitment to uphold His truth in our lives.  A tragedy may occur that makes us question God’s love for us or His purposes.  Some personal failure may cause us to abandon God or turn from what He’s asked us to do.  Someone attacking us for our belief in God may cause us to denounce Him as our Lord.  Attacks can come from any side.  And if our faith in God is shallow, any small blow could cause us to abandon Jesus completely.

Jesus taught a hard lesson to His disciples that caused some to turn from following Him.  Unable to accept the entirety of Jesus’ teachings, these followers would leave Jesus out of their lives and have nothing more to do with Him.  But there were those who remained faithful.  No matter what occurs in our lives or what hard truths we face, let’s be sure to stand and say with Peter, “Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.”  It will not always be easy to obey God in everything, to trust in Him completely, or to accept all the circumstances that come into our lives, but let’s not let anything cause us to abandon our Savior.  He wants us to stay with Him.


Your thoughts?

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