God’s Authority

John 11:48
If we let him thus alone, all men will believe on him: and the Romans shall come and take away both our place and nation.

God had brought His people there, and He could take them away from there.  He set His people free, and He sent them into captivity.  He allowed them to conquer and allowed them to be conquered.  The fate of the nation of Israel was always in God’s hands, not the hands of the religious leaders, especially the ones who would reject His own Son.  And in this time of Roman rule, they’ve carved out their comfy little place of authority and power and intended to keep things that way.

But the chief priests and the Pharisees could not preserve the nation by their actions.  God Himself would preserve it.  God Himself would scatter it.  God Himself would reunite it.  In essence, these men are trying to take on the role of God to the people.  They want the praise of the people, they want to be obeyed, they want to be exalted, and they want to dictate what the people should do.  And these men who sought the highest places could never see themselves as slaves of sin.

Let’s beware in our own lives of taking matters into our own hands that aren’t ours to handle.  Let’s not meddle in the things where only God has authority.  Let’s not appoint ourselves a larger role than God ever intended us to have.  No matter our place, whether leader or follower, we are still under God’s ultimate authority.  He has the final say and the supreme power over all.  God will lead us and guide us.  He will work in our hearts and give us wisdom.  But it is unwise to form a council of human reasoning and expect to come up with a good solution.

When we are trusting in our own ideas rather than looking to God, we will often end up in a bad situation.  In all the times the Pharisees and chief priests are mentioned in the Bible, they are often consulting with each other, but never seeking counsel from God.  They feared the Romans more than they feared God, and they valued their positions more than the truth.  Let’s learn from the errors or their ways and cling all the more to God and His wisdom and authority.  Let us humble ourselves before the Lord and allow Him to lead us into the right course of action.  Let’s trust Him to preserve us as He sees fit instead of concocting plans and conspiring against all that He is trying to do.


Your thoughts?

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