Light of the World

John 12:46
I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness.

We don’t realize how dependent we are on electricity until the power goes out at night and we’re scrambling for flashlights and candles.  In a dark house, we’re left inert, unable to do much without being able to see.  Though our house is so familiar to us, we feel our way along, hoping not to trip or miss a doorway or run into a wall.

Without Jesus, we are abiding in that spiritual darkness—not just passing through, but continually dwelling there.  In the dark, it is easy to stumble and fall.  It is easy to bump into things and go the wrong way.  It is easy to get confused and disoriented.  It can be a frightening place or a dangerous place.  We can’t see what might sneak up behind us.  We can’t find peace or reassurance when everything is shrouded and we aren’t sure what’s really there and what we’re just imagining.  We’re left helpless, motionless and passive.

But Jesus came.  And He is light.  And what a glorious light it is.  It casts the shadows from every corner.  There is no room for darkness in the presence of His light.  It scatters and flees.  And we can abide in His light.  We can see our way, know where we are going.  We can move forward with confidence and without fear.  Jesus is our never-dimming sun, shining forth in all its glory, an eternal brightness that will never fade.

There is no starker contrast than light and dark, night and day.  There is no clearer line than the one that divides shadow and sun.  And anyone who is tired of stumbling around in the darkness, bumping into every obstacle, searching for a way out just needs to turn to Jesus.  His amazing light will make all the difference.

When we come to Christ, He shines His light deep into our hearts and illuminates all that is hidden there.  He sees clearly our most secret sins and our deepest longings for His love.  He searches out what is hindering us and trapping us and shows us our true selves, then shows us a better way.  It’s a penetrating light that goes deep into every aspect of who we are.  And we can dwell in that light instead of our former darkness.  He came for that purpose.  He came so we wouldn’t have to stay in the dark.  We can emerge from the blackest night and come squinting into His glorious, holy presence and behold Him there before us, offering everything we need.


Your thoughts?

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