Our Prepared Place

John 14:3
And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

What a joy to hear the words of truth.  What a joy to trust the promises of the Lord.  Our road is long and our journey is wearisome.  We toil and strive.  We are lonely and cast out.  But someday we will claim that blessed hope.  Like going home after a hard day’s work, we will find that comfort and relief.  Oh, blessed thought to finally enjoy the sweetness of His intimate presence.  What a privilege it will be to bow at His feet, to behold Him in person, to dwell so close and never have to be apart.  He is love personified, and we will bask in His glory and righteousness.

We know this man of truth will never betray us, will never fail us.  He goes to prepare a place for us.  Everything will be ready by the time we arrive.  He is working carefully so everything will be just right for us.  How sweet, how special will be our place there.  We can trust our master carpenter to build the perfect home for us.

He will come again.  As surely as we know He came before, we know He will come again.  Before He comes in His glory for us all, He comes to each of us individually.  He comes into our lives, into our hearts.  To know such communion with Him now is but a shadow of the fellowship we will share when He comes.  What an excitement it produces to anticipate someone special coming to visit us.  And how much more we anticipate our beloved Jesus coming again.

He will receive us.  We will not have to go searching and we will not have to go alone.  Jesus Himself will be there with open arms.  He will pull us close to Him, and we’ll never have to leave His presence.  What a horrible feeling it is when someone is supposed to be waiting for us and they are not there.  But we will never have to feel abandoned when Jesus promises to receive us unto Himself.

We will be where He is.  What a difference close proximity makes, just to be in the same place with someone we love.  What comfort, what peace it is to have those we love best with us where we are.  And Jesus eagerly anticipates that moment with us when His bride will be with Him where He is.  What a precious thought to cling to when our work is difficult and our strength wanes.  When disappointments abound and we feel we can hardly go on, we can know we have something glorious waiting for us, and maybe soon we will go to be with Jesus forever.


Your thoughts?

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