Facing Temptation

1 Chronicles 21:1
And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel.

Even David was not immune to the temptation of Satan.  Indeed, he would more strongly go after him as the king of Israel and God’s faithful servant.  And not only was David tempted, but he gave in and numbered the people in disobedience to God.  May this be a reminder to us that we can all fall into temptation and sin, no matter how close our relationship with God or how many times we’ve been obedient and faithful in the past.  No matter what our position or what we’ve accomplished, we can’t rely on that to protect us from the relentless attacks of Satan.

We are all, as children of God, subject to the attacks of the devil.  He opposes us because we are God’s and will stand up against us for the duration of our time on Earth.  He will provoke us, as he did David, to go against what God wants us to do.  He will slip ideas into our minds and encourage us to act on them.  He will bring up a doubt that will cause us to falter in our walk of faith.  He will scream lies at us all day long until one sticks and we become immobilized in doing God’s will for our lives.

Let us never forget that Satan’s constant occupation is opposing God and opposing those who faithfully serve Him and desire to obey Him.  Satan is a liar, a distorter, and he is often subtle in his attacks.  But he is bold and often becomes bolder the more room he is given to work and move in a life, in a situation, in a place.  He is desperate to steal our hearts away from God, to lead us astray, and he stops at nothing to do that.

Sometimes we’ll give in to those temptations.  Even the most faithful servants of God can mess up.  But we have the hope of restoration and forgiveness in Christ.  We can accept whatever consequences come as a result because we know that God’s judgment is just and right.  And yet we can even use those moments of weakness to build our faith and trust in God, to draw closer to Him as we witness His mercy on such a personal level.  It may be the bigger the sin, the bigger our regret, but God’s grace is always bigger, and Christ’s shed blood covers every sin.  Let’s strive to resist the devil, trusting God to deliver us from the evil one.


Your thoughts?

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