Made Whole

Matthew 9:21
For she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole.

Do we have the faith when we reach out to Jesus that we will be whole, that whatever it is that ails us will no longer plague us if we have the power of Jesus working in us?  Do we believe His forgiveness is complete, that it is enough now and forevermore?  If we would reach out to Him, if we seek merely the hem of His garment, do we believe that that is enough because all power is within Him to restore us completely?

When something made of glass falls and shatters, often the pieces left over are too small to be put back together.  All we can do is sweep up the shards and throw them away.  But when our lives are shattered—when we feel so broken by sin and its effects upon us, when we are physically unwell or unwhole, or when we just can’t put the pieces back together—God tenderly kneels down within that pile of fragments, painstakingly taking each piece in order to restore us and rebuild us.  When it seems like all we have is a bunch of broken pieces, He fills in the cracks with His love like glue and makes something better from that mess.

God can rebuild us into something much more beautiful than we were before, remade in the image of His Son.  This woman was physically unwhole, but she crawled to Jesus, and He set her free.  She was different completely in one moment than she had been those previous 12 years of struggle.  Gone was the issue of blood but also the shame and confusion and discouragement that came with it.  That one part of her life that was a broken piece was fixed, and suddenly she was whole.

God will work in our lives in the same way.  But we have to let Him work in us and believe that He is able.  It has to be Him that we turn to for whatever our particular struggle is.  We must seek Him and His will for that situation because no one else has the power, ability, or wisdom to fix it in the right way.  Whatever ways our lives feel unwhole, let’s take those to Jesus.  Let’s put our faith in Him completely and truly and allow Him to make us whole.


Your thoughts?

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