The Gift of Sight

Matthew 20:34
So Jesus had compassion on them, and touched their eyes: and immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed him.

What a state we find ourselves in—blind and unseeing.  And since we were blind from birth, we know nothing else but darkness.  But then Jesus comes by, this man who had been doing great things all over the place.  We had to have only heard about it since we would be unable to witness anything for ourselves.  But that is enough for us to lift our voices and cry out to Him, and when we do so, He stops.  And the noise around us fades to a whisper, and despite the multitude clamoring about Him and us, somehow it feels like we are with Jesus alone.  And when we ask for sight, just to be able to see, for the scales of darkness to fall away, to have clarity of vision, He has compassion on us and gives to us that which we seek.  And as we blink into the brightness of this newfound life, all we see is Jesus, and the only thing now we desire is to simply follow Him.

It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to be physically blind if we haven’t been so.  But before we came to Jesus, we were all spiritually blind.  Maybe we believed that God existed and knew some things about Him before realizing we needed Him to save us.  Maybe we didn’t believe in God and kept searching for fulfillment in a thousand other things before realizing that God is and God is love and we can have a relationship that satisfies all that emptiness.  Maybe we were blinded by sin or our circumstances or pride and refused to see the truth until Jesus came by and we finally believed.

All of us who have trusted Christ as Savior can think back to that moment where we saw clearly for the first time.  Perhaps we remember stumbling around in the darkness, relying on another to lead us about, having to beg on the street and still go home in need.  But everything changes when we start following Jesus.  The life He created us for awakens inside of us, and we are transformed.  What we sought so diligently before seems so unimportant.  Our craving for God and the things of God is so strong.  Our commitment and dedication to Him supersedes everything else.

Has our vision dimmed a little bit as we’ve been following Jesus for a while now?  Have we allowed other things to get in the way and block our view of our Savior?  Do we look back longingly at those days when we were so on fire for God because we aren’t anymore?  If so, then let us cry out to Him once more.  Let us tell Him how we’ve allowed some things to darken our vision.  And if not, then let us continue to follow after Jesus faithfully, thankful that He has given us our sight.


Your thoughts?

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