Willing to Obey

Luke 1:38
And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.  And the angel departed from her.

Mary could have hardly imagined where this one decision would take her.  Surely she had hopes and dreams for her future.  Surely she had plans and imagined what her life might be like as she prepared to marry Joseph and start a family.  And then she finds out all at once that nothing is going to go according to her plans, and everything suddenly gets a lot more complicated, and maybe she doesn’t quite understand the full reality of what it means for her to be the mother of the Savior.  She could never have predicted in this one moment the amazing things she would see Jesus do and the new things He would teach.  And she could hardly have ever prepared her heart for the soul-shattering heartbreak that would come to see her Jesus on the cross.

But her simple and humble faith is inspiring.  She presents herself as a servant to the Lord, willing to do whatever He asks, no matter her questions, doubts or fears.  She would obey God come what may because she knew who was in charge, who was in control, who was bringing it all to pass, and who would go with her through whatever she would face.  She placed herself surely in His hands and then went forth with courage, enduring to the end with complete trust in God.

May we be as willing in our lives to obey like Mary did, to make the right decision in that moment to sell out for God and follow Him and allow His will to come to pass.  May we be usable servants, humbly accepting the task He sets before us and going forward to the end.  May we be willing to set aside our own plans and hopes and dreams and replace them with a path that follows God alone.  May we be willing to say, “Yes, Lord,” when we can hardly imagine where that one decision might take us, knowing it won’t be easy and may even be painful.

Mary truly lived as if her life was not her own.  And when we become God’s children, He asks us to do the same.  Maybe God is working in our hearts right now, prompting us to do something for Him, and we have to make a choice.  Maybe He wants us to take a huge step of faith and we feel like we’re not prepared or like we can’t do what He’s asked.  Maybe His call upon our lives is pulling us away from the plans we’ve made for ourselves and we have to decide to follow our own way or to obey God.  Let’s choose God no matter what, and may we surrender all to Him.


Your thoughts?

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