Nourishing Others

Genesis 47:12
And Joseph nourished his father, and his brethren, and all his father’s household, with bread, according to their families.

Joseph was in a blessed place. He had authority over a kingdom. He had gained prestige and wealth, and he had helped Egypt accumulate an abundance of food to help them survive a famine. He had plenty of food, but he didn’t hoard it all for himself. Instead he used it to nourish his family in their time of need. Joseph was selfless and shared the blessings God had given to him with those around him.

What kinds of things do we have in abundance that we can use to nourish others? Maybe we, like Joseph, have an abundance of wealth that we can use to help the needy. Maybe we can send food to the hungry or give funds to help the poor get what they need. Maybe we have an abundance of time and can spend it helping others in various ways. Maybe we have extra clothes or other items that we can give to those who have less than we do. God blesses us in many different ways, so let’s seek ways to share those blessings with others.

But it’s not just an abundance of material things that we can use to nourish others. Maybe we have an abundance of grace and can nourish a sad, lonely heart. Maybe we can comfort those who are suffering by bringing some joy into their lives. Maybe we have an abundant heart and can love those who feel unloved. Maybe we have abundant compassion and can give it to others around us who just need to know someone cares.

As Christians, we all have the love of Christ within us. Hopefully it is an abundant part of our lives, and it is definitely something we can use to nourish the lost and dying world around us. We can share with others the truth of the Gospel and show them the hope of salvation that Christ offers to us. We can show them the joy of knowing Jesus and the complete satisfaction we can find in Him. What a blessing to share with the hope-starved world we live in.

Let’s not be stingy with the things God has blessed us with. Something we have a lot of might be just the thing someone else is lacking. We’re not here on Earth to accumulate as much as we can for ourselves. But through love, we can share with those around us, bring nourishment to a starving soul, and meet needs that would otherwise not be met.


Your thoughts?

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