The Faithful One

1 Corinthians 1:9
God is faithful, by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

May we always remember that God is faithful. Others fail us, and we fail, as well. We break a promise. We make a mistake. We overestimate our own ability. We get tired. We misplace our priorities. We wander. We misunderstand. We choose to sin. We may find upon careful examination that we have been unfaithful to God in many ways. Maybe our mind wanders when we’re praying. Maybe we lose our focus during church. Maybe we skim a few verses and call it a Bible reading. Maybe we say, “I can’t,” so we don’t when God wants us to or we don’t show up when He expects us to. It’s not that we abandon God completely or forsake His teaching and His Word. We just don’t get everything right all the time.

But God is always faithful, and God never fails. He keeps every promise, and He can do even more than we think He can. His strength never fails and He never grows weary. His Word stands forever and is a sure foundation. Our God is trustworthy, and we can always count on Him. We can believe Him and depend on Him and turn to Him for everything we ever need. We can cry out to Him and ask for mercy and experience His love.

And it is this kind of God who brings us into fellowship with our Lord Jesus Christ. It is the ever-faithful one who unites us with Jesus in an unbreakable bond. It is one who never fails who has promised that once we have Christ, we have Him forever. It is the one who keeps every promise who has assured us that He will be with us until He takes us to be with Him. It is our God who has given us this gift of redemption and applied the blood of Jesus to our hearts and gives us His righteousness.

Let us never think that we cannot count on God or believe Him or trust what He says. May we never fail to see His faithfulness that abides in the promises in His Word. May we learn to trust Him more and more as we see Him working and answering prayer and moving among us and doing exactly what He always said He would. Many things in this world and in this life can let us down, but God never will. So we can hold fast to Him and the stability He offers to us in this chaotic world.


Your thoughts?

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