Active Faith

Matthew 9:22
But Jesus turned him about, and when he saw her, he said, Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole. And the woman was made whole from that hour.

Her faith had made her whole, but it wasn’t a dormant faith that begged and pleaded from afar. Her faith sent her out that day to a crowded street. It sent her through the pushing and shoving straight to Jesus. It drew her near to Him. It made her take action and do something about her situation and her circumstance. We see the woman’s perseverance. She had sought a cure for 12 long years and was disappointed time and time again, but she never gave up. She was willing to take any chance that came along, and finally she found relief in Jesus.

Is our faith an active faith, pushing and prodding us into action? Or are we content to sit back and watch nothing change and nothing at all happen? Our faith in Christ should give us a boldness even if we were never bold before. It should motivate us to get up and go out, to take a chance, a risk, to reach out where we would have once held back. It should push us past all our fears and hesitations. It should encourage us to do more or go somewhere else. And it strengthens us to step outside of self-consciousness or prideful inhibitions and reach out to Jesus.

This is the kind of faith that says we are willing to trust God for everything, that we are done depending on man and his feeble attempts to make things right or our own ability to change something. It lets go of self and understands that God must work or else nothing can happen. It is the kind of faith that steps forward with confidence in Him alone and understands that the smallest touch of His hand is powerful enough to make a big difference.

Will we take a page from this woman’s book and refuse to let our own hardships defeat us? Will we keep going until we find complete wholeness from Jesus alone? Will we trust Him completely and allow our faith in Him to grow? And then will we allow that faith to take us somewhere new, somewhere unexpected? Will we pursue Jesus with the same desperate passion of this woman who needed His cure and find the sweet relief that only He can give? Let us put our faith into action, looking to the one who can make all the difference in our lives.


Your thoughts?

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