God’s Lights

Matthew 5:14
Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.

We would have no grace to show others if grace had not been first shown to us. We could hardly have compassion unless Jesus had first shown us compassion. And when He brings His light to our lives, we should show forth that light to others. It should be evident in our lives that we are walking in His light by the things we say and do, the way we act and react, the things we strive for and the things we are willing to give.

Jesus’ light in us should be as noticeable as a city on a hill. It can be seen from far away. And it is a place that those wandering around in darkness should be able to come to for rest. Just as Jesus is our refuge and our strong tower, we should be a safe place for people to come to and find the love of Christ. There is enough harshness and cruelty and hurt out in the world without us acting that way, too. There is enough hopelessness and rejection without us turning people away when we can direct them to the source of our light and help them find peace for themselves.

A city on a hill stands above the world around it and refuses to stoop to the same level. We are supposed to reflect Jesus, not mirror the world around us. We are to be like Him and follow His ways, not open the way to the wide path of destruction. We are to be His representatives, His body, continuing His work, helping, loving, serving, giving. We are to make our corner brighter, not burn out and return to darkness.

Let’s not be afraid to shine just where we are. God has us in our place for a reason, a specific purpose. There may be someone wandering and lost who we can reach out to. There may be some broken person who just needs some compassion, just needs a shelter from the harsh winds of life and the cruelty of the world. Let’s not allow our light to grow dim and fade away, but instead shine brighter and brighter, growing to be more like Christ and shining forth His glory into the coming night. Let us proclaim Him with our lives and our words, desiring that others may come to know Him and serve Him, as well.


Your thoughts?

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