On God’s Mind

Psalm 40:17
But I am poor and needy; yet the Lord thinketh upon me: thou art my help and my deliverer; make no tarrying, O my God.

What are we but lowly sinners redeemed by our precious Savior. What are we but creatures made of clay prone to weakness and failure. What are we but helpless people, hopeless but for the grace of God. We can sometimes hold a low view of ourselves for whatever reason, but let us move past the “poor and needy” part of this verse and look at what it says next. In those next words, our lowly hearts can rise up with hope. Those next words can cause us to lift up our heads. That glorious phrase that comes after we’ve reminded ourselves we are poor and needy can give us great strength: The Lord thinks upon us.

Even though we are poor and needy, despite our failings and our feebleness, despite not being great and strong or victorious, the Lord thinks about us. His thoughts are toward us in the most tender way. His eyes are upon us, aware of our situation and our circumstances, aware of our brokenness, aware of our need. He does not cast us out of His mind, leaving us to go it alone. He doesn’t ignore our pleas. And He doesn’t abandon us to the state we are in.

So let us think upon this great truth and let it sink in deep, let it abide in a place where we can bring it to our minds often, because surely it is a great comfort to know that God thinks about us. Because if He thinks about us, He is aware of us. And if He is aware of us, then surely He cares about us. And if He cares about us, then He will help us. It may not always happen how we want or when we want. We may have to endure some tough things in the meantime. But we can always count on Him, and we can always trust Him.

We may struggle and toil through life at times, but the things that are on our minds are on God’s mind, as well. The things that burden our hearts burden His heart, too. He loves us so much, and He is interested in each of our individual lives. He is our help, the only one who can make a significant difference in the challenges we face. He is our deliverer, the only one who can save us from everything we need to be rescued from. Let us always turn toward Him, remember that He is near, and trust that He is working.


Your thoughts?

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