In the Crosshairs

Job 1:8
And the LORD said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil?

This is exactly who Satan does consider. Why should he care about the lukewarm Christian muddling through life with a foot still in the world? Why should he care about the backslider too easily enticed by sin and worldly pleasures who has turned his back on God? Why should he pay any attention at all to the believers merely going through the motions, those who have placed God far down their list of priorities? No, the ones he can’t stand are the faithful Jobs—the ones who strive for righteousness and purity, the ones who separate themselves from the evil of this world and refuse to let it influence their lives, the ones who put God first, second, and third and do all they can for Him, the ones whose focus is pointed toward God and whose lives, then, influence others to draw closer to God, as well.

And we should not fear to live this way because we don’t want to experience what Job had to endure. We should not forsake God in order to shield ourselves from Satan, because then we leave behind our greatest protection. That’s exactly what he wants us to do. And we should not fool ourselves into thinking that following God and obeying Him means calamity will surely come upon us. God allowed Satan to afflict Job, but that meant that God knew everything that Job was going through and was with him through it all.

And if we are going to go all out for God, then Satan is going to consider us, too. But if our passion is for God and our whole hearts are toward Him, it won’t matter how strong Satan’s attacks are because our faith will stand strong and our God will protect us and bless us. And we know that one day all of Satan’s work will cease for good and it will only matter how we opposed him and what we’ve done for God. And we’ll learn as we go that even though the devil’s opposition only grows in strength and fervency, our God is still more powerful and still full of mercy and grace for His own.

Let’s seek to live like Job did and have the kind of faith that he did and seek God while rejecting evil. We never know what that decision to stand for God will bring into our lives, good or bad. But we can be certain that God is still in control and He is still working and He is still with us. We know that we can trust Him, and we can accept anything that He allows to come into our lives.


Your thoughts?

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