Getting to Jesus

Mark 2:4
And when they could not come nigh unto him for the press, they uncovered the roof where he was: and when they had broken it up, they let down the bed wherein the sick of the palsy lay.

How desperate are we to get to Jesus? Are we willing to do whatever it takes, to find a way no matter what barriers we have to break through? Do we realize our need for Him so strongly that nothing will deter us and nothing will stop us until we’re at His feet? Perhaps if we’re not seeking Him with that kind of focus and that kind of passion, He will bring something into our lives that will cause us to seek Him that way. And when our deepest need is revealed, maybe painfully like an exposed nerve, will we go to Him then?

Our needs are great and they are many. And oftentimes we find things that meet them temporarily and go on as if that is enough. Or maybe we come toward Jesus with a great need and see the crowd of people and the multitude blocking the doorway and instead of pushing through, we give up and go back home. Oh, how we need His mercy and forgiveness, the salvation He offers us. We need healing from His gentle touch, His presence and His kindness. We need His wisdom and truth and we need to learn all that He can teach us. But maybe we only come to Him when it’s easy or convenient or doesn’t take any effort at all.

There were many who had come to hear Jesus that day, including the antagonistic scribes only looking for reasons to doubt Him and question Him. But when these men brought their sick friend on his bed to Jesus and did whatever was necessary to get to Him, Jesus saw their faith and granted not only healing, but the gracious gift of salvation. So maybe the reason we feel like we’re right there in the room but we just aren’t experiencing the touch of God on our lives is because we’re as faithless as those scribes listening to Him talk. Maybe we’re coming with the wrong attitude. Maybe we’re coming with doubt.

Let’s not let anything keep us from Jesus, even if it is a barrier in our own heart. Let’s break through whatever is keeping us from Him and get as close as we can. It is only in that position, lowly, humbled and needy, that we can experience true blessing from the Lord. It is only when we have a little bit of faith that everything would be okay if we could just get to Him that He can work in our lives above and beyond what we could even imagine. So let us simply go to Him expectantly, believing and submissive to His will.


Your thoughts?

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