Power in Unity

Psalm 133:1
Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for the brethren to dwell together in unity!

The tribes of Israel were all brethren. They originated from the 12 sons of Jacob, who were all brothers and half-brothers. It was a nation of brethren, one very large family. And they were always stronger when they were dwelling in unity. When they moved as one, each performing their God-appointed role, they were an unstoppable force. But in those times when they were divided, when pride crept in or they were neglecting God’s commands to them, chaos ensued. The nation became very weak once it was divided into two kingdoms, and they were eventually conquered and taken into captivity by their enemies.

Today as the family of God, the very bride of Christ, the church should also strive to dwell in unity as a family of true brethren in the Lord. When we’re all serving together, doing what God has asked and enabled each individual to do, the whole body is much stronger. Things get accomplished for God. His work goes forward. Lives are changed. And our Father is honored and glorified when all of His children are together doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Within our own families, unity brings a sense of peace and safety. When we are free from conflict and strife, we get a lot more accomplished for everyone’s benefit. And it works the same way in our church families. When we seek to keep ourselves free from conflict and disunity, we are better able to serve the Lord and each other. We honor God by being peacemakers and seeking to resolve things biblically and under the guidance of His Spirit. And when we all join together for the common cause of proclaiming His truth to the world, we can do so much more than if we went forth divided.

Besides being pleasant to us, unity is pleasant to God. Unity is in the very nature of our triune God, and He seeks to unite us with Himself and also with each other. Let us purpose in our hearts to strive for unity among our brethren. When we are quick to forgive and slow to be offended, we’ll be more at peace among ourselves. And when we unite together to stand for the truth and to honor God in all that we do, we can be an unstoppable force for the cause of Christ.


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