A New Creation

2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

God is Creator, and He made everything that exists out of nothing. Anything that man is able to manufacture comes from raw materials supplied by God, even if it’s down to the smallest level of atoms. Though God’s initial work of creation is complete, God is still Creator. He can create in us a new creature, one that didn’t exist before, something completely different. We build upon the raw material that God has already supplied in order to fashion our lives into what He wants them to be.

When we begin a relationship with Jesus Christ, something amazing happens. The old version of us starts to fade away and is replaced by a new person with a new heart and a new purpose. Maybe a heart of love begins to take shape where only hatred and anger had dwelt before. Maybe someone broken down by addiction is rebuilt on the solid rock of Jesus into a pillar of faith and service. Someone destroyed by painful or tragic circumstances can be restored to wholeness through the grace of our loving Savior. Every wicked sinner can be transformed into a child of God, bearing His likeness.

In a sense, our lives can sometimes feel like a mere collection of raw materials and not something whole or complete. Indeed, we are all works in progress during our time on Earth, but perhaps sometimes we feel strongly how incomplete we are. But God is still working in us. He is still creating us into the perfect version of us that He wants us to be. When we sin, He can create in us a clean heart by Christ’s redemptive work. When we seek Him, He creates in us new purposes and desires for His ways. And as we surrender our lives, He creates us into the faithful children He would have us to be.

There is evidence of God’s amazing creative work all around us. Every sunset and flower is just a tiny example of what God can create. The beauty of the world He has created often takes our breath away. So let’s be mindful that that same amazing power is at work in our own lives. He can transform an ugly, sin-scarred life into a beautiful treasure. He can make something new out of an old and broken-down life. In God’s capable hands, there is always hope for renewal and growth. So let’s forsake the old versions of ourselves and seek to be new creatures in Christ.


Your thoughts?

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