Believing God

Luke 1:45
And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.

The stories of the Bible, at their core, are stories of people and their experiences and how God moves in their lives. That’s one of the reasons it is so easy for us to connect to the Word of God. We can imagine these people going about their lives as best they can, just as we do today. And here was Mary, a simple young woman who loved God and was used by Him. Surely that can be a description of many of us today—ordinary people who love God and desire to be used by Him.

Mary’s faith can certainly be an example to us. She was told something extraordinary by the angel who visited her, and she accepted it with quiet assurance that what he said would come to pass. Elisabeth’s praise of Mary is that she simply believed. And cannot we do the same thing today? We simply need to believe, and God will do what He has said He would do.

Mary’s place in God’s plan was certainly unique, for no one else would ever bear the Christ child. But God has a unique purpose for each of our lives and equips us to handle those tasks with the same faith and belief that Mary had. With a submissive and surrendered spirit, God can move in big ways. And though our influence may not touch the entire world as Mary’s did, surely there are people right where we are whose lives we can touch in significant ways.

Despite what the world around us may think, God is still at work today. He is calling people to be pastors and missionaries and Sunday school teachers and parents and friends and servants of Christ. Whatever God has called us to personally, let’s move forward with faith that His purposes will be accomplished through us, no matter how big or daunting or challenging the task may seem.

One thing that should encourage our faith is that God always keeps His promises. Mary conceived a child by the Holy Spirit and had a baby. That really happened all those centuries ago. And God will complete the work He began in each of us as we humbly submit to Him. Let’s not be afraid to ask God to use us, to have that willing heart to surrender to His will. And then let’s not be surprised when He calls us to something extraordinary to do for Him.


Your thoughts?

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