Whole Heart

Psalm 119:10
With my whole heart have I sought thee: O let me not wander from thy commandments.

We intertwine ourselves in each other’s lives—interpersonal relationships and all. And the more of ourselves we put out there, the more of ourselves we’re willing to share with each other, the greater chance there is for everything to get all tangled up. With only a few strings, the knots that may come are more easily managed. It takes less effort to pull away from someone else when we’ve only given them a few strings of who we are. But the more strings we give, the more we share and the more we show, the more chances for hurt and mess—but also the more chance to be knit together into someone else’s life. How much are we willing to risk? How much will we be willing to give of ourselves to others and to the world around us? What kind of chances will we take?

The same is true in our relationship to Christ. How many strings are we willing to give to Him? How much of ourselves are we willing to invest in His work? How closely will we identify ourselves with Him and His cause? Let’s not stay on the fringe. Let’s not hold back and build a life separate from our Lord, entangling ourselves in the world and its pursuits. We’re to pursue a higher calling as Christians. And when our lives are knit closely to Christ’s, it is easier for us to follow His pattern.

It is always a risk to open ourselves up to others, to make ourselves vulnerable. But when we open ourselves up to Jesus, He can fill our hearts and our lives with so much more than any earthly relationship could offer. He offers His peace and comfort and the sturdiness of a foundation built on His completed work, not our pitiful weakness. He shares His wisdom with us. In fact, He shares His very heart with us, and cannot we do the same for Him?

Jesus calls out to everyone. He pleads with the lost and dying sinner to accept His free gift of salvation. To the child of God, He asks for our whole heart, for our obedience, for our sole focus to be on Him. He speaks to our hearts in a myriad of ways, desiring close fellowship with us. We have a choice to make about how much of our lives we are willing to invest in a relationship with God. Will we hold something back? Or will we seek Him with our whole heart? Will we obey His entire Word and follow His path? When we knit our hearts with His, we’ll never regret a life lived near to the heart of God.


Your thoughts?

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