A Holy Temple

1 Kings 8:27
But will God indeed dwell on the earth? behold, the heaven and heaven of heavens cannot contain thee; how much less this house that I have builded?

The temple that Solomon built was made of the best materials available. The cost was staggering, and the time, energy and skill it took to build it were great. The glory of the Lord filled this beautiful building that had been constructed over several years. And still, for all its gold and cedar, the temple was inadequate for the true glory of God. Even so, He came to dwell among His people. He wanted to be close to them and for His presence to be among them.

How much more inadequate was a body of clay for our Savior to dwell in. The creator of all things, our Lord Jesus Christ came and dwelt among us in a coat of flesh. The body of a man, prone to hunger and pain, hardly seems a worthy place for God to dwell. And yet He came to Earth, lived among His people, and died on a cross for our sins. How near to man He was as He walked and talked with His disciples and had special interactions with many different people. Here was God whom man could look upon face-to-face. People could touch Him and talk to Him and listen to Him speak.

So, God would descend to a temple of gold. It was the best man could build out of Earth’s resources. It was a glorious and impressive structure. And Jesus would come as a man—His own creation—and dwell among them. But a sinful heart? What kind of dwelling place is that for Almighty God? And yet into this most inadequate of all dwelling places, God would come. Upon our salvation, His Spirit enters our own hearts. To think of all that has passed through our hearts and contaminated them before He came, and yet He cleansed us of all those sins. As we think of all that has passed through our hearts after He came, it may cause us to hang our heads in shame. Our hearts are the most unworthy place for our God to dwell, and yet they are where our God longs most to reside and to reign.

Let’s construct a temple to God in our hearts. Let’s use only the best materials and give Him the highest place, the innermost, most intimate place. We must spend time and effort to build our hearts into the kind of temple worthy of our holy God. Yes, it will be inadequate, but it is where He wants most of all to dwell—in the hearts of those who love Him.


Your thoughts?

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