The Right Environment

Romans 13:14
But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof.

The natural systems that God has put in place work in perfect harmony. There is a food chain and an ecological cycle that keeps an environment healthy. In some cases, when a non-native animal is introduced to a habitat, it can cause chaos. It throws off the perfect balance that had existed by disrupting the food supply. If there are no predators for the new animal, its population can grow out of control, and it may harm the environment and threaten native species.

When we let things in that don’t belong, it disrupts our homes, our churches and our lives. It may start as something small that seems harmless or maybe even helpful. But as it grows and multiplies, it begins to take over in a way that we hadn’t intended. One small sin becomes several small sins, and several small sins become bigger and bigger sins. Before we know it, what had once been a rich, thriving environment is reduced to chaos and destruction.

God sets limits and boundaries in our lives for a reason. His road is the narrow road, and His way is beneficial to us. It keeps us healthy spiritually and sustains us on our journey through life. He provides everything we need within the environment He has placed us in, and if we try to interfere with that perfect system, we upset the balance and face unintended consequences.

Our Christian lives are an environment created by God for us to fulfill His plan and purpose in and through us. And the truth is, there are things that do no belong in a Christian’s life. We may try to make excuses and let things slide, delve into the gray areas and fudge a little bit. But in most cases there is a strict right and wrong. There are things that naturally occur in a Christian’s life, like the fruit of the Spirit and striving for purity and righteousness in all aspects of our lives. And then there are things that do not belong, like the lusts of the flesh and sin.

The Lord Jesus Christ immediately enriches any life He enters into. If we’ve allowed sin to multiply out of control in our lives, He can come in and restore us to our former state of thriving and being fruitful. He can cast out all the fleshly desires that may have once consumed our own little world. Sometimes it may take time for everything to be made right, or there may be lasting effects that scar our lives because of the choices we’ve made. But Jesus’ presence will make all the difference as we submit to Him and move forward in our walk with Him.


Your thoughts?

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