Help, Lord

Psalm 12:1
Help, LORD; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men.

Help us, Lord, for other men will fail us and fail You. Help us, Lord, for people who were once strong in the faith have turned aside to wicked ways. Help us, Lord, for there is no one we can depend on. There is no one strong enough. There is no one who keeps every promise. Help us, Lord, for those we thought we could count on have let us down. Those we turned to in a moment of need cast us away. Those whose kindness we used to depend on have turned a cold shoulder toward us. Help us, Lord, for it seems the whole world around us is corrupt. It hardly seems we can find a righteous man, someone who will stand beside us for the truth.

Help us, Lord, to be faithful, to refuse to turn aside no matter what others may do. Help us, Lord, to be committed, to keep striving, to follow after and seek You more every day. Help us, Lord, not to end up short of our finish line, having given up the faith, given up the fight, given up on You. Help us, Lord, never to cease from doing what is right, from serving, from giving, from caring. Help us, Lord, to persevere and do the work. Help us, Lord, to find our rest in You.

Help us to trust in Your power and not our own, to rely on Your wisdom and not do what we think is best. Help us to find our strength through Your everlasting supply and not to seek some cheap imitation. Help our faith to grow through trial and victory. Help us to love like You do with that crazy, reckless, on-fire kind of love that can scorch even the coldest heart. Help us to uphold the truth on the sure foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Help us to proclaim You, to shout You out just by living.

Help us to refuse to compromise. Help us to have the stamina to go toe-to-toe with the wearisome world we live in. Help us to get up and go instead of sitting back and waiting for someone else. Help us to stop making excuses and reasoning away everything that loving You worked so hard to build in us. Help us to live as soldiers for the battle, peacemakers in the church, children worthy of Your name. Help us to sacrifice and give till it hurts and keep coming back for more. Help us, Lord, to be those You call Your good and faithful servants.


Your thoughts?

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