Our Beloved

Song of Solomon 5:16
His mouth is most sweet: yea, he is altogether lovely. This is my beloved, and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem.

Is this our heart toward our Lord? Is He altogether lovely to us, brimming with His holy perfection before our eyes so that our hearts desire not only to please Him, but to become like Him? Is He the one we love, the one who can hold our affection as a parade of temptation passes by? Is He the one we’ll choose above all others? Do we count Him as a friend, seeking His company and His companionship? Is our deepest love and our true desire for Him and Him alone? And as we trace His perfection and experience His love for ourselves, will we be satisfied to devote ourselves to Him alone forever?

His strength is unmatched, and so He will be our protector and our defender. He offers to us the solace of a fortress in enemy territory as we live a life in this fleshly, Satan-controlled world. His wisdom is a light that illuminates our steps as we pick our way down the path of righteousness. His grace overwhelms us as He gives us chance after chance when it seems like all we can do is fail. His compassion for those who refuse Him draws us in when we realize we were once that hard-hearted denier of Christ. And every whisper of love from His mouth to our ears and from His heart to ours pulls us closer.

Have we, then, told those around us about our beloved, described His beauty, sang His praises to any who would hear? Have we told anyone who would listen about the one who holds our heart? Can we contain ourselves from sharing the story of the first time we met Him, of the many ways He’s worked in our hearts and lives, of the abundant life we find in Him?

Do we truly call Jesus our beloved and our friend? Have we made that kind of commitment to Him, or do we waver in our faith? Have we sought Him out and truly sought to know Him? There are many things that fight for our attention and focus. There are other people in our lives we love so dearly. But is there a special place, the top place, reserved for our Lord and Savior? If not, it’s time to re-evaluate our lives and our relationship with God. It may be time to get rid of whatever is in His place. Let’s examine our hearts and turn them toward our beautiful Savior.


Your thoughts?

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