Exposed to Sin

2 Peter 2:8
(For that righteous man dwelling among them, in seeing and hearing, vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds;)

Any little idea can take hold in our minds from one glimpse or one whisper. Something we would have never considered otherwise infiltrates our mind and suddenly we find ourselves doing something previously unimaginable. We must not underestimate the influence that the world around us can have on us if we choose to immerse ourselves in the evil parts of it. If we delve into one seemingly harmless thing, it might lead us further down the rabbit hole than we ever meant to go. Lot wasn’t necessarily participating in the sins of those around him, but his exposure to them, seeing and hearing all that was happening around him, was enough to contaminate his soul and lead him astray. Overexposure to so much sinfulness can make us callous to it and indifferent toward it until we eventually become accepting of it.

Sight and hearing are the senses that allow most everything that we know into our minds, so we need to protect the portals that give anything access to them. If we don’t see something or hear about it, we are less likely to partake of it ourselves. It’s not easy. We certainly can’t keep everything out, because we live in a sinful world where evil is all around us. But we can be careful and we can be diligent about the kinds of things we willingly and consciously expose ourselves to.

Let’s not allow pride to convince us that we are immune to the world’s influences. The serpent tricked Eve with just a simple twist of the truth that led to the fall of mankind. David saw Bathsheba from the rooftop and gave in to sin. The children of Israel fell into idolatry by imitating what they saw the sinful people around them doing. And with the Internet and TV and the technology of our day, there are innumerable things we can be exposed to full of sin and evil that will corrupt our souls no matter how much we think it won’t affect us.

Let’s be careful what we allow ourselves to be exposed to. There are tools of Satan all around us that can entrap us if we aren’t paying attention. We don’t want to end up somewhere we regret because of one small thing that entered into our minds due to something we saw or heard that we shouldn’t have. Instead, let’s keep our focus on the Lord, listening for His voice, hearing His words and keeping our hearts pure before Him.


Your thoughts?

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