Learning from the Master

Psalm 25:8-9
Good and upright is the LORD: therefore will he teach sinners in the way. The meek will he guide in judgment: and the meek will he teach his way.

It would be foolish and even dangerous to entrust a student who has only read some medical textbooks to perform surgery. The precision and delicacy needed for life-saving surgery is something that must be honed through extensive practice and study. Med students will need to observe experienced surgeons and be guided by them as they learn this intricate practice. Simply trying it on their own without guidance would be disastrous. Many other jobs require apprenticeships where someone can learn a trade by observing a skillful master at work. In these kinds of situations, the teacher’s wisdom and experience is all-important and necessary for the student.

The most experienced and skilled surgeon would be useless as a teacher if he taught his students incorrect techniques and procedures. If he proposed radical ideas instead of passing on the tried and true methods that actually work, he would do his students a disservice. In our Christian lives, God wants to teach us His way. It is the only way to live, the right way to live, the acceptable way to live. He will not lead us into false ways, for He is a God of truth. He will not lead us into unrighteousness, for He is a righteous God. We can trust what God teaches us, and we can use the wisdom He gives us to make the right decisions in our lives.

Our attitude toward our teacher will determine how much we learn. Often, the students who learn the most are the ones who are eager to learn, who submit to the guidance of their teachers in humble acknowledgement that they need to be taught by someone above them. The same is true of us. We must come before the Lord with a submissive, humble heart. Such a heart is easily shaped and molded by our Master’s powerful hands. A meek attitude shows God that we recognize our position of need before Him and that we know we cannot trust in our own abilities, knowledge or experiences.

Under God’s careful guidance and instruction, we can learn how He wants us to live our lives. But we must make the decision to submit to His teaching. We must decide that we will trust Him as our guide, that we will depend on His wisdom, which is high above our own. We must recognize that we don’t know everything and need to learn from Him. God is good and upright, and in and of ourselves, we are sinful creatures, so we must be taught the ways of the Lord. Let’s not take the Lord’s teaching for granted. If He is teaching us a lesson in our lives, let’s be careful to submit to His wise teaching and humbly accept these lessons as a blessing in our lives.


Your thoughts?

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