God’s Greenhouse

Psalm 92:13-14
Those that be planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing;

Sometimes location is everything. Greenhouses have the ideal temperature, moisture, and soil conditions for each individual plant to grow and thrive. They are protected from outside elements of wind and frost or animals looking for an easy snack. They are planted here to grow into the best they can be, and they can flourish here for a long time.

What better place for us to be planted than in the house of the Lord? Dwelling where He dwells, close to His presence, we shall flourish—not like a pitiful weed by a lonely road or a small flower in a big, open field, but a healthy, strong, vibrant flower thriving in the ideal growing conditions. Carefully groomed and cultivated by our loving Master, we shall bear much fruit for Him and be pleasing in His sight. We shall be shielded from danger and enjoy the company of the other plants around us, supporting them as they support us. We will be useful to God and fulfill the purpose He has for us in our lives.

This kind of environment is sustaining. It can last for a long time. And those who remain near to God all their lives shall still be fruitful in old age. We don’t have to become a withered tree at the side of the road with bare branches. We don’t have to be a stubborn plant of brown stalks that refuses to bud. It is a close walk with God, in His house, His Word, and His will, that allows us to blossom and bear fruit for a lifetime.

Plants outside of greenhouses often grow just fine. Somehow they manage to survive and are beautiful nonetheless. And we as Christians can do okay outside of the courts of God. We can survive, maybe even be useful in some way. But we can’t flourish without being rooted in the life-giving soil that God offers us in His presence. He is our warm, generous sun, our refreshing rain, and His Word gives us the food we need to be healthy and strong Christians. Let us be planted in the house of the Lord and dwell there all of our days.


Your thoughts?

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